Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sarawak Trip

Myself and several other colleagues went to sarawak last sunday for work. It was my first time being in sarawak. We stayed in Pullman hotel, a very new, 1 day old hotel in Kuching town. Well, the reason i said its a 1 day old hotel is becoz it was officially launched on saturday 3rd April and we checked in on the very next day. The hotel was nice, 5 star rated if I'm not mistaken, and as alwiz, i never fail to utilize the facilities in the hotel i stay, only to find out that the sauna and jacuzzi in that hotel will only be ready in june this year.

The hotel is within walking distance to the center of town, about 10 minutes walk to waterfront and 15 minutes walk to little india shops. It also located next to the river (not sure wat the river is called) where u can just cross with the available boats to access to the other side of the town, by paying 30 cents for the boat and in 2 minutes, walah! u are in Dayang Salsah Kek Batik shop, the most famous kek lapis in Sarawak (at least thats wat the hotel receptionist told me.

On monday, we spent the whole day interviewing people in the department of Agriculture. It was really tiring. Towards the end of the day, everybody from my team looked very tired and none of us can absorb anymore info.

At night, we had our dinner at Top Spot, a seafood food court, 10 minutes walk from the hotel. The butter prawn was superb! Mcm biasa, i didnt take the rice, but managed to belasah all the lauk. hehe.... and due to the unbearable guilt, I spent an hour swimming on the next day, just to burn the calories of seafood from the other nite, ngeheee.

2 of us went back to semenanjung on Tuesday evening, while the other 2 including myself went back on Wednesday at 4pm. So on wednesday morning, we spent the remaining time walking (and shopping) alongside the waterfront and little india.

Haduh dah la tu.... its lengthy already. I should stop now. tata....

Here are some pix.

On the plane, otw to Sarawak

In my room

Tgh tgu client

Meeting @ DOA

Seafood @ Top Spot
Laksa Sarawak @ James Brooke


Noraishikin Mohd Salleh said...

ouh rindunya dengan sarawak.rmi org ckp seafood kat top spot tu sgt best.aritu pergi tak berkesempatan pegi sana.igt nak pegi lagi next vacation. bilik hotel tu cantek sangat!best2.

btw, kedai kek tu nama Dayang Salhah la kak..hee

Chern said...

hehe.... typo la dik....
kin, din ada pesan kek batik cadbury.
akak dah beli tp tak sure camana nak pass to u.

Noraishikin Mohd Salleh said...

hurm, ktorang cuti this coming saturday sunday...akak g mane2?tak pun kt jumpe kt mana2...thx ye kak.susah2 plak..