Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lunch at Bellamy

Ive heard of this place so many times but never actually went there. So last friday (23rd Apr 2010) during the long lunch hours, i had my first lunch at the famous bellamy. The place and the food were great, apart from the crowd as if there was Mawi anywhere around and the sweats as if u just had a wrestle and the smell of the clothes due to the smoke .... i had ikan siakap, ikan keli, sotong and ikan terubuk bakar.... n as usual, i didnt take rice. and for the first time after a few months, i had iced water.... not just iced, but the ABC....huahuahua..... wow!!!! i almost forgot the taste of the ice (cewah! menipu btol!). Here are some pix.


Noraishikin Mohd Salleh said...

akak, kat mana bellamy nih? best btol..gambar mawi xde ke? hee

Chern said...

Hi kin,
Ikan bakar ni kat jalan bellamy, near Istana Negara... kat area tu ada satu balai polis, tp akak tak sure balai polis apa. Tp klu kin jumpa tmpt tu, pegi kat gerai yg belakang sekali dari tmpt masuk, sbb gerai tu paling sedap (member2 akak ckp la). Gambar mawi xde la dik oi... sbb mawi nya xde... tp crowded sgt kat situ mcm ada konsert mawi pulak. hehe