Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cuti-cuti Afamosa

Syok gilos!!!!!! Last week we spent time in Afamosa Resort Hotel for 2 days and 1 night. We (my family and I and the maid) covered 3 theme parks, water world, cowboy town and animal safari. It was super duper fun! We left the house on friday morning, took a less than 2 hours journey and reach afamosa around 11.30am. But we can only check in to the studio condo at 4pm. So we went to the water world first.

Before we entered the park, there was a checkpoint at the entrance. They dont allow outside food, so they check all the bags. I actually bet on my luck by smuggling the egg sandwiches inside Khaleef's luggage...ngehehe... and kantoi!!!! hahahaha.... but i tried doing my puppy dog eyes.... muka seposen... and told the guy that the sandwiches were for khaleef since he is very selective in terms of food. They said "ok la kak, tapi sorok2 sikit ye sbb klu org lain nampak...nnt kitorg kena buang keje"...

Many interesting places in the water world. There was one place, they call it "family raft"... I really wanted to try it but we need to have at least 4 adults and kids below 3 are not allowed. since khaleef is below 3, we skip that place.
We left the water world park at around 3.30pm and straight to the studio condo to check in.
The condo was ok..... we spent about a few hours to rest and get shower, have dinner (hubby ordered pizza hut) and left the room around 8pm to go to cowboy town.

Speaking of cowboy town...it was the most happening park of all three (at least i personally think so). Wat i like the most is the carnival fiesta that they conducted. It was very2 enjoyable and colorful. I wanted to stay until 12 midnite (since the park open until then) but khaleef fell asleep right before they started the fireworks which was the closing of the carnival. So we left the cowboy town around 10.30pm and went back to our condo.

The next day, after we had our simple breakfast, roti bakar, cereal and milk, we went to animal worlds safari. Wat i enjoyed the most was the elephant show. the birds show was also not bad. but we had to leave around 12 noon as we had to go to a my husband's friend's wedding.

Hmmm..... cukup la tu.... i don feel like writing anymore. daaa..........

Monday, March 15, 2010

Solomon Kane

Since the past 4 weeks i've been watching movies every week. Yesterday my husband and i watched Solomon Kane. We went to GSC Midvalley Megamall. It was an interesting movie. I ranked it 7/10. The minus 3 is due to its ending which is too... I would say simplistic.

My sister is admitted to Putrajaya Hospital today due to dengue. Its not too serious but she needs lots of water, so she has to stay warded. I took half day leave today to help her with the ward arrangements. I hope she'll get well soon.

Ok daaa.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a little update about me

hmm its been long.... apparently updating blog is not as fun as it used to be... hehe
well a little update about me... and most of them happened in January and February 2010.

I'm in a new project, Agriculture Flagship project based in MOA Putrajaya. Again, it involves blueprint development and stuff.

I saw avatar 3D. It was superb beyond anything Ive seen before. i ranked this movie 9.5/10.

I saw Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. The movie was fine. 7/10. It was my first time watching a movie in a Gold Class cinema. It was okay....a little expensive for that kind of services. it was so cold in there, and u have to pay extra 5 bucks to get a blanket.

I saw The wolfmen. Uwekk! 4/10. Boring.

Latest movie being Alice in Wonderland 3D. I watched with several other friends. I think most of them fell asleep. haha. Personally I think the movie was not that bad. But maybe my judgment is clouded with Johnny Depp being in the movie, and how i cant resist him... hehe...

My husband bought himself a blackberry.... and i eyed him with with a stone face eversince. but after 1 week of miserable life.... my husband came to his senses. he realised that he can't live with a sophisticated mobile phone in peace while the wife keep jeling2 and complaint about how her phone can't do this and that. so he bought me an apple. weheeee......
Nways....thanx luv.

I think thats all for now. Adios!