Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MDeC's Open House 09

Pergh! Meriah! They conducted the open house at KL convex. Truly full house! i drove there with my sis and another 2 colleagues. But i cant believe i'm going to say this, GPS sucks! haha. I used my hubby's GPS to get there and it navigated me to the strangest route ever! well not really a stange route la, but it didnt steer me to use the MEX which i always percieve as the easiest route to KL if ure from putrajaya. And yes, i was from putrajaya since i had to pick my sis at her place. but then again, it still pointed me to the KL convex alright, just not the route i usually take. well thats my own fault, i shouldnt've used the GPS at the first place since i know exacly how to get there. haha. the moral of the story, never depend on technology so much! ok mr hubby? hehe

so... we left the house at around 3pm and reach kl convex around 4.30pm. when we entered the hall, it was difficult to find empty seats. but luckily we found a few after 'tawaf'ing the hall several times.

they served foods like nasi beriyani (very yum2), pulut with kuah durian (double yum2), deserts, and bla...bla...bla... but those were nothing ok. they invited a few artists! Faizal Ismail and Sharifah Aleya were 'MC'ing the whole evening. Aleya, lovely as evah! And a few artist performed like JayJay, Nurul, Adam and my all-time favourite....Jaclyn Victor!!!! wuhoooo! dia mmg best of the best of the best la! love u jaclyn!!!!...xoxoxox

Monday, September 28, 2009

To tired to write

I spent the 1st Syawal at my in law's. Like every 1st raya, everybody was busy selling flowers at cemetery. My husband n i even helped running the errands. i always adore my mother in law, the way she seeks for business opportunities. while most people busy 'beraya', she coordinates flower-selling business at a few cemeteries. she's a real business woman. For that, mak, I salute you.

Then we left to my hometown at around 7pm the same day. We took 1 hour plus to reach my mom's place. we spent the next 3 days in tg karang and back to puchong on wednesday.

hmm... actually there were a lot of interesting activies happened during this raya.

1. karaoke. with my sis, my bro and my MOM. My mom sang a few old-time songs like sri mersing and damak. and she sounded really good in fact. cayalah mak!
2. visits relatives in damansara
3. family gathering at my sister's in putrajaya
4. family and close friends gathering at my place (yesterday). i actually cooked, ok! no catering this time. I prepared some chicken rendang, tomyam, fish curry with rice and ketupat.

but it seems that due to the large amount of rendang n ketupat consumption throughout the first week of syawal, I cant muster my energy to elaborate further.

So here goes some photos.....
FYI, that kebaya is 11 years old.... still fit ok...hehehe

Monday, September 07, 2009

Twenties Girl

Thats the latest novel by Sophie Kinsella. I spent 4 days reading the book. Its very moving.... I think Hollywood wont take long to put its hand on this book and turn it into a movie. Just like the 'confession of the shopaholic'.

And yes... i broke my own rule. I havent finished reading 'True love...and other lies'. And not planning to continue reading it at all. Its too boring i might as well kill myself.

On a totally unrelated topic, these are the pix of me and my sweetheart while we were buka puasa in Bayou Restaurant, Putrajaya. My other sweetheart was taking the pix.