Thursday, August 27, 2009


For a couple of weeks, ive been feeling this way. Frustrated in everything i did. not everything la...but for most of things. I felt like my first attempt always fail.

Frustration #1 - The new cable for the new TV
I frustrated with the quality of the display. So wat i did? I bought the component and s-video cables that cost me 300. But the cable was broken. grrrr! all the blues became greens. for example, when i watched 'Finding Nemo', the water in the movie looked all green instead of blue. So i knew there was something wrong with the cable. We went back to the shop to change for the new one. But all the new cables have the same problem. Dem! The salesman said theres probably somethin wrong with the new stock. The only cable that didnt have that problem was the one that they used for display in the shop. S0 i have no choice but to take that cable. If not, I have to wait for another 2 weeks until the new stock arrives. No freakin way!

Frustration #2 - Paint
I painted the interior wall of the house. That was my 1st time painting a house. Berpeluh2 tau, and fasting some more! I promised my husband that he doesnt have to worry about a single thing since he was so busy with work. Let me handle everything, i told him. All he had to do was to awe after i finished with the painting and decoration. So I chose 2 colors, soft purple and apple green. but after I spent almost 5 hours working on the wall, green looked outa place. Dem! After 1 day of misery, the next day I repainted the green to soft purple. No more green. Waste of energy! urgh!


AfterThis how the house looks now. Its a working progress. The cradle is not suppose to be there ok.

Frustration #3 - the curtain
Look at the first 2 pix. on the green wall, no curtain, on the purple one, got curtain. Which means i only hang the curtain recently. Guess how many nights did i try to drill the holes on the wall to place the curtain holder? 3 freakin nights, ok!! Penat gilos!! The wall was so dem hard to drill. I had to drill the holes on several places and had to patch them back. And after succeded, with glory, or so i thot... i hang the curtain. And look at it. Its 1 feet short from the floor! Dem! Dem! Dem. And even worse, the left side of the curtain is 1 inch shorter than the other side. Curse you, IKEA! How can u sell the curtain with different lengths!

Frustration #4 - Torrent
this one has nothing to do with my house. I downloaded 2 movies, ironman and x-men origins wolverine. i wanted to watch them on TV. i've waited 3 days for the 4.3 gig ironman to complete. and after completed, i tried to copy it into my 8 gig thumbdrive. TAK BOLEH! Hell, no! my husband said its becoz of the thumdrive format. FAT32 format cant support 4 gig file at one shot. So he helped me reformat the thumbdrive to NTFS format, then only i managed to transfer the movie into the thumbdrive. But when i plugged in the thumbrive to the TV, error msg came out 'unsupported device'. Hell no x 10! i think the tv only support FAT32 format. so i had to download a new one. and as of now, only 1.1% completed.

and wat happened to x-men origins? after 99.7% completed, it stopped downloading. no seed. Seriously!! its 0.3% left!!!

i downloaded a new one. 100% completed. But it was a fraud! when i played the movie, came out a msg 'Use windows media player'. when i use WMP, nothing happened. DEM to the power of infinity!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Good bye.... my luxury of time

Goodbye my luxury of time... goodbye FB at office hours... goodbye bejeweled blitz (harry will then conquer the rank at my absence)... goodbye swimming sessions at 5pm (wont happen in ramadhan anyway)... goodbye the ability to torrent at office hours... goodbye pantry with unlimited milo supply... goodbye Hizkal, my officemate who sits in front of me in the office... goodbye the ability to leave the office as early as 4pm... ~sigh~

for the new project will diminish you... as it will consume my time until there's nothing left for me to contain...

iCON, u're a killer!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SCQuARE Training

We attended SCQuARE Training a couple of days ago. It was a 2-days session. SCQuARE is a methodology of doing strategic thinking.

These were the attendees.....
I'm the most colorful person in the group.

Philips 42" LCD Screen TV

I went to watch G.I. Joe with my husband. I personally like it. I'd rate the movie 4 out of 5. I dont mind watching it maybe i'll take the kids to watch it this week....definitely before puasa.

Then....i went to kota damansara, to my bro's place. he held a housewarming and also celebrating his anniversary. I brought some puddings for them. His place is very nice....the balcony looks like one in fary tales with bunnies and cute fence. And....they have swimming pool nearby. Tak aci!

Around 6pm.... this was when i considered the best part of the day. we went to get our new 42 inch LCD screen TV. wohoooo! My husband and i spent around 1 hour to decide which brand we should go for. he obviously favored sony bravia, but i always think that sony is overated. so we asked the saleman. he spelled out some of the features for philips... dual layer, screen protector, but of all features... he got me at the feature that other LCD TVs dont have (at least thats wat he told us).... the ability to play files straight from the thumbdrive....i.e if u have mp3s, or avi or photos in your thumbdrive, u can plug it in and play them straight away on your TV screen. wow. that means i dont have to burn my movie collection into dvds. I can watch them from my harddisk. if thats not the coolest feature one can imagine....i dont know what is. yeah... i know u can always imagine of the craziest feature like the 'invisibility mode' or 'transformable into a briefcase' as the coolest features....but that can only happen in 'Harry Potter and the LCD screen TV' or 'Transformers, the rise of the LCD screen TV'.

BTW.... by comparing the features, this TV is better than SONY bravia, no offense. ngeheee
this is it...

But..... i never imagine that having a good quality TV can add more frustration to myself. This tv is suitable for HD content, and as u all know, we dont have HD content here in msia. even ASTRO dont have them. so when i watch ASTRO, the display become all jagged. the salesman said that we need to use the gold plated S-video cable to improve the display...and yes we bought one of those. the quality improve by 20% and thats that. still jagged. we also bought the component cable for the dvd player, improves the quality by 25%. the cables themselves cost us almost RM300.

i guess we can only get the satisfying quality by having PS3 or blu-ray players where we can use the HDMI cable. aint gonna happen in my near future... ~sigh~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Angels & Demon

Last nite was my first nite-swimming session. It was ok...the pool was not crowded. I headed home around 10pm.

At home, my husband wanted to watch Angels & Demons with me. We missed the movie when it was aired in cinema. But he had read the book, yet he still want to watch it. So my guess was that... it must be really2 interesting. So we watched.....

We started watching around 11pm and finished at 2am. Well... it was my fault really. The movie shouldve finished around 1.30am at most. But becoz of the low quality of sound and terrible subtitles, i had to pause at most of the scenes to ask my husband to narrate the movie. hehe.....

But overall, it was an interesting movie. I like it. My husband told me that some part of the movie were not in the book, n vise versa.

I always adore those that have briliant ideas to come up with mysterious plots for movies n books. Even when i was younger, in my school days, I was so into comics that have the elements of mystery n serial killings. I even had a dream to write my own books with misterious n entwined plots that people can never guess who the serial killers were (now that i write it, it sounds so mental...haha).

Hmmm.... maybe i should start collecting Dan Brown's books.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Again, talking about my swimming lesson. After 4 classes, i can do 2 swimming styles...frogging n freestyle. During class 1 - 3, i learnt frogging, a little bit of diving, and water-threading (or struggling, where you can float on your standing post). The 4th class was when i started with freestyle. It was not easy, but it was not difficult either. But it was definitely tiring for me. They say freestyle is suppose to be difficult. Some people can do it after several full classes. But lucky me, i can do it after only one class. Not to brag here guys... i know freestyle is probably boring to u. I think its a pure luck. Sometimes you just can do something without so much of an effort.

Honestly, I prefer frogging as its more relaxing and more importantly it has less possibility of inhaling water thru ur nose, which i seem to frequently do while freestyling.

My sister, who is also my faithful swimming company, has moved to Putrajaya. So we found a new swimming centre in the area, and good thing it opens at nite. The overall size is smaller than the one in MMU but its deeper. The deepest area is 2m.

My plan is, i will swim mostly at nite so my skin wont be burnt to black. hehe....

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Family Day Out - Zoo Negara

My husband n I took a day off on Monday and we went to Zoo negara... 4 of us, husband, me, khaleef and our maid. I prepared some finger food for the trip, egg and sardine sandwiches, mashed potatoes and drinks.

It was a sunny day. We reached the zoo around 10.30 in the morning and left around 2pm. We didnt miss a cage. The last one was the bear.

The adventurous part was when we found a snake strayed freely on the street. It was having its meal, an egg. Urgh....disgusting. when i saw the snake, my hair all stood up. really was a happy day. eventho my husband was worried about his work and got a few work-related phone calls when we were touring the zoo, it really was fun.