Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Travel, work and vacation

I travel a lot nowadays....

Last week i was in JB from 12th to 15th Oct for my work. I stayed in The Zon Hotel. The room was alright and easy-access to the tax-free mall. So i bought plenty of chocolates. I ended up spending almost RM300 just for chocolates, as if i dont have enough fat already under my skin. haha
Colleagues and bosses in JB
Coffee breakMy room @ The Zon
Then on 17th Oct I went to Sabah, for vacation, with friends, until 20th Oct. I brought Khaleef along with me. My husband cannot come along as he was so busy with work. Kesian dia. Next time we'll go together ok luv?

So there were 10 of us plus 2 kids. the trip was SUPER FUN! minus the exhaustion and stress that i had to put up for Khaleef being a kid with full of curiosity so he spent most of his time running around. There was one time when we stop for prayers at one of the mosque, khaleef ran with full speed towards a van just to follow some strangers. I was terrified, I was white on the face. Lucky they were just a nice family and everything was fine.

We also went for Island hopping. due to the limited time that we had, we only managed to go to 1 island, Pulau Mamutik. We spent 1 hour snorkeling.

We also conducted one of the 'must-do' activities, karaoke. Only I was too exhausted and was not feeling well so I joined for only 15 minutes and back to my room. But overall, it was super-duper fun. We will do it again someday, to somewhere else perhaps. I heard someone suggested Australia, that sounds like fun. so..... lets!

Island Hopping

On d way to Kinabalu Park

Dinner @ Nelayan Restaurant

Snorkeling @ Pulau Mamutik

Karaoke @ 1Borneo (tengah sakit pun masih boleh melalak ok)

Today, I'm back in the office....and tomorrow, i'm going to travel again, to JB... again....flight at 7am tomorrow and back on Friday afternoon. Hmph... What I hate about travellling is the hassle to pack and unpack my clothes and stuff. But wat to do.... its work.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Yesterday was my official last day in ICON. We even conducted some makan2. but it was not for my farewell. i dont believe in farewell when it comes to funding. ngeheee....

here are some pix

i handed over my task to my colleague idzuan. so idzuan, welcome to the endless of proposals assessment...muahahaha (gelak jahat). Actually assessing application forms can be fun sometimes. so no worries. i believe he'll find the job not bad.

so now i'm back in the office, with fast internet connection and torrent-able, with unlimited milo supply tho i'm fasting today, and the luxury of time....hehe. but not for long. i heard that IRDA is in critical need of resources. most of the team members are in Johor n will be back this friday. so until then, i'll probably sit back and relax. i'll start busy again next week.