Monday, March 12, 2007

Antenatal Class

My husband and I went to an antenatal class last saturday. I found it informative even tho it didnt meet my expectation. I mean....the class started at 9am and finished at 1pm, not many u can cover in 4 hours.
This class teaches you about the parenting world....and most important things are the tips to give birth.
One of the panel said, movies always lie. Usually kita tgk kat movie, bila ada contraction, kena cepat2 gi hospital sbb takut terberanak dlm keta. Sometimes terberanak masa tgh shopping kat mall. That is a pure lie. The actual fact is....we still have plenty of time to prepare when we get the first contraction. So....future mom out not worry ok?

Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm Back

It has been a while since my last post. Well....a little update about myself, I'm currently (as of today) is 31-week pregnant. Hehe...
I shouldve updated the blog earlier... i could hav wriiten all the details of my experience during this exciting journey.
Skrg ni 'the prince' inside my belly is very active kicking his mommy...especially at night. Now i'm entering the 3rd 'trimester' period (that's what they call for pregnancy after 7th month). So basically 3rd trimester means less sleeping hours for mommy (and sometimes daddy too), more pain at the back side, more leg cramps, more attention from daddy and apart from all those hard times.....more excitement. Ye la.... its only another 2 months to go. Tp kitorg blum beli barang2 baby lagi. Doc kata there is no sign of pre-term labor so takyah la beli awal sgt. So daddy said we'll get everything necessary next month.
Ive been to the baby stores in alamanda, and i dunno how to explain my feelings at that time. I actually cried. InsyaAllah if everything goes well, i'm going to be a mom and titi will be a dad in 2 months time. Its so wonderful....