Thursday, April 29, 2010

Livina..... before and after.....

I made a few changes to my car..... but the aftermath, they dont differ that much. they look almost the same.... before and after. Bottom-line is....why am i spending for something so trivial?! why? why? why??!! Demmit!

After - changed the front panel n skirt
After - changed the side skirt
After - change the spoiler and skirt

Lunch at Bellamy

Ive heard of this place so many times but never actually went there. So last friday (23rd Apr 2010) during the long lunch hours, i had my first lunch at the famous bellamy. The place and the food were great, apart from the crowd as if there was Mawi anywhere around and the sweats as if u just had a wrestle and the smell of the clothes due to the smoke .... i had ikan siakap, ikan keli, sotong and ikan terubuk bakar.... n as usual, i didnt take rice. and for the first time after a few months, i had iced water.... not just iced, but the ABC....huahuahua..... wow!!!! i almost forgot the taste of the ice (cewah! menipu btol!). Here are some pix.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Akibat lama sgt tgu kat workshop

Since i just added a few accessories to my car.... i should probably change my language just to fit the atmosphere..... hahaha..... here goes...

Sejak gua beli keta gua....gua blum penah modify lagi. tapi dlm beberapa bulan ni, cover spot light kat bumper gua tu tercabut sebelah. Gua hangin btol la. Cacat keta gua siot. Gua xnak la org kata keta gua mcm lanun lak. so gua ingat nak pegi usha spot light kat brothers.

Bila dah masuk brothers... gua angkat la satu spotlight ni. pastu laki gua suh gua tukar wiper keta gak. so kitorg amik la dua2 barang tu. laki gua angkat wiper yg paling mahal beb. jipang btol. apa barang amik yg murah kan. tapi spot light gua amik yg murah je beb. gua xnak abis duit riban2 lak.

gua beli brg2 tu pkl 8.30 mlm, gua tanya brader kat situ dia kata kedai tutup pkl 10. gua tanya smpt tak klu gua nak psg bendalah tu suma mlm ni gak. konfiden je brader tu kata smpt. gua tgu smp pkl 9.30 tu beb, last2 brader tu kata besok jelah kak. Gua hangin la beb! gua rasa nak hentak je brader tu. bikin panas je. tapi gua lek2 je dulu....buat bodo jelah. gua pun blah la dr kedai tu. lahabau punya brader!

besoknya pkl 10 pagi gua dah tercegat dpn kedai tu (sbb brader tu kata kedai bukak pkl 10). tapi brader tu mmg saje nak bagi gua baran la. slowmo je dia buat keje. dah la brader tu pakai sluar londeh nmpk sluar dalam. berbulu mata gua tgk beb.

memula gua lek je layan henset gua... smp bateri henset gua dah nak mati bai! gua rasa nak pukul je brader ni. gua sentap la beb. dah la gua pakai baju kurung time tu.... sbb gua igt lps pegi workshop tu gua nak stret pegi opis client gua.

sbb gua bosan sgt tgu brader yg lembab tu buat keje, gua pegi la usha2 brg lain lak. sudahnya gua terjebak gak beli plat baru utk plat number keta gua. saje tukar font dia. gua malas la nak ckp besar kan.... (pastu terus ckp besar.... haha -->), gua rembat yg paling mahal skali. biar la gua tak mkn bulan ni pun tada hal la beb..... sentap punya pasal.

last2 pkl 1 baru siap beb. gua dah kebulur time tu. 3 jam gua tgu kat situ. lahanat punya brader! lu igt mentang2 gua pakai baju kurung, gua takut ke kat lu (smbil gulung lengan baju...pastu cekak pinggang)? klu brani jom la rentap! gua tgu lu kat simpang.

(amacam?! ada talent jadi minah rempit tak? lu pikir la sendiri.)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fatwa Pujangga

I was bored today..... so i sang a little...

T'lah kuterima suratmu nan lalu
Penuh sanjungan kata merayu
Syair dan pantun tersusun indah, sayang
Bagaikan madah fatwa pujangga

Kan kusimpan suratmu nan itu
Bak pusaka yang amat bermutu
Walau kita tak lagi bersua, sayang
Cukup sudah tanda setiamu

Tapi sayang sayang sayang
Seribu kali sayang
Ke manakah risalahku
Nak kualamatkan

Terimalah jawapanku ini
Hanyalah doa restu Ilahi
Moga lah Bang kau tak putus asa, sayang
Pasti kelak kita kan bersua

The lovely bones

I watched the movie yesterday. It was a very...very....very.... sad story. I cried at most of the parts (then again, i am a weepy person).

The movie was about how cruel some people can be.... and its beyond what we can comprehend. I think those people who really experienced the similar tragedy in their lives can really feel and connect to this movie.

I pray to Allah that I, and those that i know of, and even those that i never cross path with, to never experience such heartbreaking event. And I pray, and I implore all of you out there to pray with me, to let this kind of criminals, to be wiped off from the earth, and be punished as The Almighty see fit.


Thursday, April 08, 2010


Two latest 3D movies that ive watched:

How to train your dragon.
Best gile! Nak tgk lagi! and i rate this movie 9/10. I watched it at GSC midvalley.

Clash of the titans.
Average. Too predictable a.k.a boring. but the graphics were cool. I rate it 6/10. and i watched at premier class cinema @ signature gardens. The cinema was not bad and not crowded, a little expensive though.

Ok pai!

Sarawak Trip

Myself and several other colleagues went to sarawak last sunday for work. It was my first time being in sarawak. We stayed in Pullman hotel, a very new, 1 day old hotel in Kuching town. Well, the reason i said its a 1 day old hotel is becoz it was officially launched on saturday 3rd April and we checked in on the very next day. The hotel was nice, 5 star rated if I'm not mistaken, and as alwiz, i never fail to utilize the facilities in the hotel i stay, only to find out that the sauna and jacuzzi in that hotel will only be ready in june this year.

The hotel is within walking distance to the center of town, about 10 minutes walk to waterfront and 15 minutes walk to little india shops. It also located next to the river (not sure wat the river is called) where u can just cross with the available boats to access to the other side of the town, by paying 30 cents for the boat and in 2 minutes, walah! u are in Dayang Salsah Kek Batik shop, the most famous kek lapis in Sarawak (at least thats wat the hotel receptionist told me.

On monday, we spent the whole day interviewing people in the department of Agriculture. It was really tiring. Towards the end of the day, everybody from my team looked very tired and none of us can absorb anymore info.

At night, we had our dinner at Top Spot, a seafood food court, 10 minutes walk from the hotel. The butter prawn was superb! Mcm biasa, i didnt take the rice, but managed to belasah all the lauk. hehe.... and due to the unbearable guilt, I spent an hour swimming on the next day, just to burn the calories of seafood from the other nite, ngeheee.

2 of us went back to semenanjung on Tuesday evening, while the other 2 including myself went back on Wednesday at 4pm. So on wednesday morning, we spent the remaining time walking (and shopping) alongside the waterfront and little india.

Haduh dah la tu.... its lengthy already. I should stop now. tata....

Here are some pix.

On the plane, otw to Sarawak

In my room

Tgh tgu client

Meeting @ DOA

Seafood @ Top Spot
Laksa Sarawak @ James Brooke

Friday, April 02, 2010


This happened a week ago.

My bro in law and i had a car accident near equine area, around 3 km before Puchong toll.

On the day it happened, my husband had to drive the Livina since his car had problem and was sent to workshop. He cant fetch me after work so he asked his brother to fetch me instead.

It was raining heavily and the car's air cond was broken. The car in front of us suddenly stop and my bro in law had to brake immediately. The road was slippery due to rain, yet we were lucky to be able to avoid hitting the car in front of us, but the car behind us was not as lucky.

I panicked. My bro in law is a short-tempered guy and i was afraid that he might beat the guy who hit us. But luckily the guy was polite enuff and immediately apologized and admitted his fault.

So we exchanged contact numbers, noted down the car reg numbers and went home.

In terms of damage, the left tail light broke, dented on the bumper and door. My bro in law's car was Perodua Kelisa and the other was Perodua Kancil. The workshop quoted RM750 to repair my bro in law's car. And after a few rounds of nego, the guy agreed to pay.

Haduh the actual story is very lengthy, and i dont intend to spill them out here (malas tulis sebenarnya). Bottom line, everything is settled now.

The end.