Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Petrol Price Hike

Today petrol price is 192 sen/liter, a 30 increase. Sometimes I wish, we were Arabs.
Hari nih harga petrol 192 sen/liter, naik 30 sen. Kadang kadang gua harap yang kita ni orang Arab.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


today...xde ape yg interesting. aku gi balai polis, bayar saman. 2 speedtrap. aku pun heran knp skrg br dia suruh byr padahal aku tgk tarikh 2003 and 2004. weird. before ni nak byr roadtax xde masalah pun. heran...heran...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

one-month-engagement anniversary

today is my one-month-engagement anniversary. no plans, lots of work, wangsa's busy seeking more money, and i'll be at home to finish up my work. actually we planned to watch 'dick and jane', but wangsa needs to be at the office tonite, helping i-launch with e-tanah project. i guess being in luv with a workaholic is a bit tough. but its ok....lagipun its only one-month-engagement anniversary...dont u think its a bit 'mengada2' to celebr8 such thing?

Thursday, February 16, 2006


I didnt go to work today...requested an offday. I sent my fioncee to his office today...he was late AGAIN. He missed a talk from IBM guy. Well thats not the whole point of this post. After i sent him, i went to tesco, i was about to buy a washing machine. Suddenly, a chinese girl came to me, catching her breath, then said, "kak bole tolong amik ini kad and bukak. kami ada buat promotion utk brgn elektrik...." At that point i was thinking...cool....becoz i want to get a washing machine. I continued to listen. I opened the card, and then she shouted..."kak! akak sgt bertuah ini hari. ini card byk jarang org dpt. bole menang keleta la kakak!". Ah sudah.... aku dgr lagi. She said, the item that i'll surely get if i opened the prize is 1 out of 5 items. Perdana V6, Kancil, TV Plasma 43 inch, Massage chair or 5k cash. Even if i dont get one of them, i still can get 4 small items from their company witk 3k cash. So aku xrase aku bole rugi in any ways. however, she said aku kena byr 3,899 cash to get 1 of those items (which i still cant open the card to see whats inside it). She said i must make full payment of 3,899 before i can actually claim my prize. So...becoz i didnt see any chances for them to lie becoz they were very good at convincing people, i put down rm800 as downpayment. then i called my fioncee, explained to him about wat happened, being yelled for a few seconds, my fioncee left his office immedietly and came to rescue. he said his officemate dah penah kena tipu mcm tu. memula the chinese girl refused to return my money, then kena gertak dgn my fioncee(kurus2 pun bole tahan), finally i got back my cash. thanx wangsa, u saved the day. so...for those who read this, jgn kena tipu like me. the head office for this people is in puchong, bandar puteri. if u see this people, dont bother to listen to them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


hari ni mmg byk btul keje kena cover. i was in off day for 4 days and a lot of pending tasks yg aku kena siapkan(semua ni sbb kes pecah keta and pindah rumah yg aku alami last week). then my bro in law pun call kasi tambah keje lagi. i need to design a banner for bumihiway. URGENT. must be submitted 1st day in the morning. bumihiway? company yg build mrr2 yg nak roboh tu la. my new house lak xde internet. hmm ni yg bikin susah ni. nways.....selagi belum tutup mata.... kerja...kerja...kerja....

Friday, February 10, 2006


I hate to write this on my 2nd post....but i've been told that blog is a place where u can share ur story as well as ur misfortune. so..... mlm td, my car kena pecah. tak byk benda kena curi. i think the culprit wanted to steal my sony x-plode. but so unfortunately for him, benda tu susah nak tanggal. all he managed to steal cuma front display which is no value without the radio. but what i hate the most is, he took my bag, which contained so many important documents including my certs. habis hilang semua original copy of my SPM, diploma and degree certs. and even worse, dia curi my roadtax. i made a report to puchong police station. he said the report must be kept selagi i use the car. its becoz the culprit might use the car identity to do more bad things since he got my roadtax and all the photocopies of my insurance and cover note. i'm so sad that i can no longer use mp3 player which was a gift for my 22nd birthday. sorry babey...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

my first post

i'm bored....at the office.
so i thought i could use the time to create sumthing new.
here you go.....MY BLOG.