Thursday, December 17, 2009

End year award to myself.

Everybody deserves to receive awards for his/her hard work. Thats wat i keep telling myself whenever i spent to much in a particular month... and thats wat exactly happen this month... ngehehe.

Yup. i gave myself a few gifts for making it for the permanent post (cheh! alasan tak valid). Actually the things that i bought this month really necessary for me (nak sedapkan ati). These are the items:

Sony Cybershot T90

Leather Tote Bag

Wireless Laser Mouse

Item # 1. All this while i was using my husband's company camera. I didnt have my own camera and i always need to use one since i always have to go outstation. So yup! I 'need' to have one.

Item # 2. My previous tote bag was already 'lunyai' and the strap was almost wrecked. Its dangerous to continue using an almost kaput tote bag, isnt it? So for the purpose of safety, which is vital for everybody, I 'must' buy a new tote bag. And why need it be leather? becoz it can last long.

Item # 3. My previous wireless mouse always gives me trouble and i had to change the battery for every other month. So i intended to get a new one. But my husband beat me to it. He bought the mouse for me. So I purak2 asked if i should repay the amount, he said no need. (yay!). Thank you luv.

So there goes my money. On the bright side, i spent them on the tangible items.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This enty is about 2 outdated events.

1. SEMESTI 12th batch reunion.

Without ever noticing it, it’s been 10 years since I left the school. Sekolah Menengah Sains Teluk Intan. My used-to-be home, my used-to-be prison. And on the 5th December 2009, we had our 10th year’s anniversary reunion dinner. The theme was beach-wear. So everybody wore Hawaii-style including the spouse. My husband didn’t make it as he had to travel to Kedah for work. So I had to bring my maid since I already paid for 2. It was a memorable night. We had it at beach-hut, Mines wellness Hotel. A few activities conducted, but the most memorable activity was when they played the slideshow of our 5-years life in SEMESTI. God, how I miss that life so much. The life that I used to loath. How I hated it when I had to wake up at 6am every morning becoz we had to attend the daily assembly at 7am. How I hated the school uniform that I had to wear in the mornings, afternoons and nights. How I hated the prep classes on weekends. How I hated detention classes and community service. I never imagined that those times are actually one of the best times in my life. And seeing my friends again, those that I spent my 5 years of high school with, and see wat we have become after 10 years, so many things have changed. Whatever it is, my life in SEMESTI will always be the most memorable episode in my heart, be it for the happiness, even the sadness.

These are the photos:
2. New offer

On the 1st dec 2009, ive completed my 1 year contract with my company. And usually they will renew the contract for another 1 year before they consider u for the permanent post. And usually one has to do paperwork and a presentation to the management level before they hire u as a permanent staff. However, Alhamdulillah… ive been offered the permanent post after completed the 1 year contract, without having to do the paperwork nor the presentation. And this thanks to all the superiors in IRDA’s project that rated me as ‘Exceed expectation’, eventho i'm sure that i was highly over-rated and they were too kind and generous. And hence, I got an increment to my salary that also exceeded my expectation. I accepted the offer without questions. I’m happy with all the terms in the agreement. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. I haven’t gotten my chances to thank them (the seniors) properly. But I would like to use this channel to tell them how I feel right now.

I really2 am happy. I’m happy that they acknowledge my work, regardless how silly and immature it was. I’m happy that they recognize my effort, regardless how small it was. I did tons of mistakes, and I learnt a lot from them. I believe that there were occasions when I did mistakes and they, my superiors had to cover up for me. I admire them for giving me chances to learn and not to condemn. One day, I will also be a senior, and I will nurture the juniors just the way they did for me.

Thank you Allah.