Thursday, December 17, 2009

End year award to myself.

Everybody deserves to receive awards for his/her hard work. Thats wat i keep telling myself whenever i spent to much in a particular month... and thats wat exactly happen this month... ngehehe.

Yup. i gave myself a few gifts for making it for the permanent post (cheh! alasan tak valid). Actually the things that i bought this month really necessary for me (nak sedapkan ati). These are the items:

Sony Cybershot T90

Leather Tote Bag

Wireless Laser Mouse

Item # 1. All this while i was using my husband's company camera. I didnt have my own camera and i always need to use one since i always have to go outstation. So yup! I 'need' to have one.

Item # 2. My previous tote bag was already 'lunyai' and the strap was almost wrecked. Its dangerous to continue using an almost kaput tote bag, isnt it? So for the purpose of safety, which is vital for everybody, I 'must' buy a new tote bag. And why need it be leather? becoz it can last long.

Item # 3. My previous wireless mouse always gives me trouble and i had to change the battery for every other month. So i intended to get a new one. But my husband beat me to it. He bought the mouse for me. So I purak2 asked if i should repay the amount, he said no need. (yay!). Thank you luv.

So there goes my money. On the bright side, i spent them on the tangible items.

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Muhammad said...

gud one my sis.. sometime kita kena reward diri kita slps kita dh buat apa yg wajib.. hee