Monday, November 16, 2009

Leisure life one can only image

Nothing much happened since my last post. Well, apart from continuous traveling from KL to JB, everything else is pretty much d same.

Now the frequency of my travels from KL to JB has become every week. I usually spend at least 2 nights in JB and the rest of the week in klang valley. I must say that it is truly tiring, n d fact that i have to leave my family more often, is not really attractive.

At this point of time, I'm in cyberjaya, assisting my superior to finish the report. I'll be flying to JB on wednesday morning n be back on friday afternoon. I might also be going to singapore next week, depending on whether my service is needed there.

So wat have I been doing in JB all this while? well, nothing fancy really, just meetings, conducting some survey and site visits. boring really.

one thing that i really look forward for these trips is the hotel that i'm staying at. the hotel has been changed from The Zon to Thistle Hotel (the building was converted from Hyatt Regency). Well, its a 5 star hotel and the facilities are just superb. While i have to work during the days, i spend the nights swimming, spending time in jucuzzi and sauna. n when i go back to my room, i continue my lazy hours bathing in the bathtub. i'm having a really leasure life in the hotel, life that i can only imagine. and i have it everyweek, thanx to this ICT Blueprint development project.

(pix are all in the camera, i'll post them in my next entry)