Thursday, February 26, 2009

temp maid

After the day of the incident where Khaleef cut his lips, i got a temp maid on the next day, an Indonesian, from Lombok (wherever that is). She's taller than me and my husband.

She has this look like she has no idea why the days are bright and the nights are dark. She's clueless. Everything needs to be instructed, slowly but loudly, and needs to be repeated at least 5 times before she actually gets it.

I dunno why she is still at our house, probably becoz we still don't have any other alernatives for the time being. She keeps getting on my nerve but I have to be really patient for the sake of my son. I hope the agent can expedite the arrangement for the new maid...and i sure hope she's better. Its really difficult to be worse than this one. Almost impossible.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


after my last maid resigned, i drop khaleef at my sister's place in bangi everyday before work to ask her maid's favor to look after him.

So last tuesday, i took a day off (replacement leave for sunday@ PD). i took my mom to see an ustaz to get some water for her back pain. when i came to bangi to fetch my boy, i was informed that he fell down and cut his lips. he was sleeping in his cradle when i reach the house.

when i took a look at the cut, its not a small cut, his lips was practically cut open. i panicked and called my husband straight away.

i brought him to see a doctor nearby and the doc said stitches required. we drove to SDMC (formerly known as SJMC) and went to the ER. the general surgent suggested us to go and see the plastic surgent to ensure the cut are properly stitched and leave no scar.

but all well now. the cost of surgery will be covered by the company. but the most horrible thing happened was, the doc stitched my boy's lips while he was wide awake. i think the whole hospital can hear him screaming.

Monday, February 16, 2009 working day

When people go to port dickson, on sunday, 1 day after valentine's day.....usually it will be for holiday. But unlike me, i went there for work. haha.... people from Technopreneur Association Programme invited my colleague and i to review several business proposals and assess in terms of compliance and completeness of the forms.

we started reviewing at 9 in the morning and finished at 2.30. then we had our lunch at the usual place, Pak Lang restaurant (their steamed butter kaya breads are superb) and headed home.

we didnt even touch the sand. :-(

Friday, February 13, 2009


as usual... friday is the best day of the week....reasons:

1. the next day is off day
2. 2 1/2 hours lunch period

so just now my office mates and i went for a stress relieved activity...karaoke. 3 of us went for an hour...cost me 28 bucks. but i ended up being the only one who sang my throat out and the two of them became the audience. my throat is in pain...but it was worth it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

my second post of the day- carbo diet

its a world record! its bizarre for me to be so free like this.
i wanted to start my carbo diet today. a fren of mine said we must cut off all the carbohydrate-based food in 14 days. but i just had bread for breakfast this morning... and planning to have noodle for lunch... hehehe
there goes my first attempt... maybe i'll try again next week.

its been too long

the blog has not been updated since before khaleef was born. people might actually think i am dead. the truth is....i've been too busy at the office.... studying (i'm taking masters course) and busy being a mom. well today seems to be quite ample for me to write my story of life.
can anybody share with me ur experience dealing with maid agents? this is my first time dealing with a maid agent and she just cannot be more rude. we've paid her the full amount but she kept giving me crap reasons for the delays. well...last nite...its been too much for me. so ive cancelled with her and she agreed to return the money to me today.
i mean... i can totally understand if she has problems to get the maid on time...she shouldve explained to me properly instead of shouting at me. she has taken our money.... full amount.... more than 4k... she didnt keep her promise which she's supposed to give us the maid at the end of january... and she shouted at me??? who is suppose to be mad here guys? this doesnt make any sense at all.
well enuff story about my experience with an unprofesional maid agent. back to work.... chiow.