Friday, April 02, 2010


This happened a week ago.

My bro in law and i had a car accident near equine area, around 3 km before Puchong toll.

On the day it happened, my husband had to drive the Livina since his car had problem and was sent to workshop. He cant fetch me after work so he asked his brother to fetch me instead.

It was raining heavily and the car's air cond was broken. The car in front of us suddenly stop and my bro in law had to brake immediately. The road was slippery due to rain, yet we were lucky to be able to avoid hitting the car in front of us, but the car behind us was not as lucky.

I panicked. My bro in law is a short-tempered guy and i was afraid that he might beat the guy who hit us. But luckily the guy was polite enuff and immediately apologized and admitted his fault.

So we exchanged contact numbers, noted down the car reg numbers and went home.

In terms of damage, the left tail light broke, dented on the bumper and door. My bro in law's car was Perodua Kelisa and the other was Perodua Kancil. The workshop quoted RM750 to repair my bro in law's car. And after a few rounds of nego, the guy agreed to pay.

Haduh the actual story is very lengthy, and i dont intend to spill them out here (malas tulis sebenarnya). Bottom line, everything is settled now.

The end.

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