Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Its a new me....

Hello world! ( if the world will read this!). Its been so long since i wrote on my blog. The last entry was when i was still working in cyberjaya. Well now i'm in cyberjaya no more......

I'm now working in KL. well... the client's site is in KL. But my company's HQ is in Damansara. Just a few steps from my in law's place.

So wats new? nothing much. As alwiz.... ramadhan is the month that u spend less on food but u spend a lot more on household n furnitures. ahaks!

So this year, we had to replace my TV cabinet since khaleef gave it a nice kick and shattered the glass. we also upgraded the bed to king size since we realised that the bed was getting smaller.. (a nice way of saying me getting fatty ahaha).... n some new curtains.... thats all.

chop! and an air cond! wohoooo!!! we finally installed an aircond in the bedroom.

orrait! chiow bebeh!

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Noraishikin Mohd Salleh said...

wah bestnya! happy ramadhan ;)