Monday, October 18, 2010

New maid and new weight...

Hi darlings...........

Since i havent updated my blog for quite sometimes... and since i am true lazy-bum when it comes to updating the blog, so i will cover the 'basi' story in this entry. nyiahaha

Firstly, i already have a maid. Alhamdulillah Syukur ke-hadrat Ilahi. I was supposed to have a different person as a maid. We, (and by 'we' i mean my MIL) had make the arrangement for the maid and paid the levi that costed us about rm400++, and when the documentations were completed and approved by the immigration, the ungrateful-good-for-nothing-duffus suddenly refused to come to msia becoz we refused to appoint her contact as the agent and we refused to pay her 3 mil rupiah (about RM1.5k) that she requested (for watever reason). But Alhamdulillah..... after i heard the news (about the fact that we had to cancel that duffus and lost the 400++ for the levi) from my MIL, i straight away contacted my sis, since she has a fren that works as a maid agent. It was rezeki from Allah that the agency has a few maids in the waiting list. We had to pay a total of RM4.5k to get the maid, and Alhamdulillah again, the maid can work well and havent done anything strange so far (its been more than 2 weeks since we fetched her from the agency).

Secondly is about the dietary program that i'm current going thru. This is my second time going thru this program. i was introduced to this prog by my cousins in Medan. Last time i managed to loose 4kg. then, during the fasting month i managed to reduce another 4kg, but gained 2kg after raya (ahaks!). So now i'm trying to reduce my weight by maybe another 3-4kg by doing this "torturing" program one more time. BTW, its a 13-days program, and i'm currently on my day 1. ehehee... another 12 days to go.

Hmmm, there are so many things i would like to update on my blog, but my "laziness" alarm is giving the signal that i shld stop right here. So peeps... till we meet again... adios!

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