Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ironman 2.... No Maid..... and Khaleef's bday...

Now is 5.33am, 14th may 2010.... Thanx to the iced coffee that i had this evening, i now cannot sleep. Demmit!

So to kill time, i think i'll write a little update of myself. For starter, ive watched ironman 2. THREE TIMES! Over hokay! Actually i didnt mean to watch it so many times.... So here goes the justification (not that anybody cares... Nyiahaha).

1st time: i watched it with my husband. Only the 2 of us. Spt pasangan laki bini yg baru bernikah. Ahaks!

2nd time: when i posted in fb how awesome the movie was, my sis asked me if i can bring her kids to watch the movie one day. Of coz i can. So i brought the 3 boys n my kid to watch the movie. Havoc gile. Bringing the "tentera2 fisabillah" is not as easy as i thot. And fyi, it was khaleef's 1st time going to cinema. It was not too bad. The first half an hour he sat quietly watching the screen b4 he went restless and started to step on the chair. But overall, it was manageble.

3rd time: we (hubby, khaleef n i) watched it again with my husband's pack. Pack here means his geek friends. When i'm with them, i feel like Penny in "the big bang theory" except not as gorgeous n sexy...ngehee....

Anyways.... I ranked this movie 8. Despite the great use of CG, i think the storyline is nothing fancy.

Pix before masuk cinema:

There is a reason why i brought khaleef to the movie. It wasnt becoz of the 'awesomeness' of the movie, it was becoz i cant leave him at home, not by himself. Yeah..... I dont have a maid now. She quit. She had some family issues n had to go home. I must say, despite my worry of khaleef's well being... I somewhat relieved... I mean, i am very thankful for her taking care of khaleef for the past 1 n half years, but i dunno how much longer i can stand with her being "sound trouble" and blur... So i think its good for everybody that she quit. So now i'm waiting for the new maid that supposed to 'report duty' any day now. Ive been informed that she will start working this week... I hope everything will go as planned. So for the time being, i'm sending khaleef to nursery in Putrajaya. The place is alrite. In fact 2 of my colleagues send their kids there as well. But.... it really breaks my heart everytime i see khaleef cries and begs me to not drop him off to the nursery. But what to do.... ummi has to work. I hope the maid can come ASAP.

Khaleef's 3rd bday was on 10th May 2010. My husband and I brought him to starbucks for dinner and bought him toys. I think i cant conduct mkn2 this time since i dont have maid to assist me. Kesian khaleef..... Weekend nnt ummi bawak khaleef jln2 ok.....

Pix during khaleef's bday:

ok la..... thats all for now.

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Noraishikin Mohd Salleh said...

happy birthday lil khaleef,nnt aunty kasi hadiah okay ;)